2008 - Malcolm Menadue

Malcolm Menadue Chairmans Award

Malcolm Menadue was presented with the IRSE Chairman's Award at the AusRail 2008 Gala Dinner by IRSE Chairman John Aitken


John Aitken, said in presenting the award:

For over forty years Malcolm Menadue has been performing engineering work of excellence, quietly and effectively.
Malcolm has brought his skill to bear on telemetry and control projects for most, if not all, of the railways in Australia. Through Menadue and Associates, he has improved and developed the communications technology used by Pacific National across the country. I have had the privilege of knowing Malcolm and working on projects with him for about half that period. I have developed the highest regard and respect for his engineering knowledge, his ability and his thoroughness.

But that is not why we are here tonight. There are many competent and effective engineers - many in this room.

Just a few of those engineers seek to serve their peers through professional organisations. Serve their peers with generosity of time and effort. Serve their peers without monetary reward; indeed, at some cost to themselves.

For more than 30 years Malcolm has been serving other engineers through his involvement in the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers and the Institution of Engineers. He is a membership reviewer for the college of Electrical Engineers of the Institution of Engineers. He is a past chairman of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers.

Many of you will remember the very successful CORE in Darwin - a conference that Malcolm helped organise. This is but one, as he has been responsible for organising eight major conferences for the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers - each of them a great success. Each of them an opportunity to share knowledge and build relationships.

Why is this so important? The IRSE believes that engineering knowledge and skill is something that should be shared. The IRSE believes younger engineers should benefit from the experience of those who have been in the industry longer. That we should mentor and encourage each other. That information should be freely available and that we should take the time and give the effort required to make these beliefs reality.

In every organisation there are quiet achievers. Competent and effective people who do their job without fuss or fanfare. Who do it without expecting reward or acknowledgement. Malcolm Menadue is one of those people. Tonight we recognise and honour his achievements. It gives me great pleasure to present Mr Malcolm Menadue with the IRSE Chairman's Award.

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