CPD1 Signalling and Safe Railway Operation - Rail29004

To provide broad, systematic and multidisciplinary knowledge and skills for railway signal engineers and technologists in the role of signalling in safe railway operation and on signalling principles and equipment. This will provide the foundation on which the remaining courses will build.  Attention will be focussed on the current business environment of the rail industry and the demand for quality and safety management practices in the delivery of signalling systems.
Topics covered include:

  • The current business and legislative environment of the railway industry, including legal requirements and standards in force in the student's own State
  • Railway operations, the roles of the engineering disciplines and interface requirements
  • Objectives of signalling systems – safety and traffic management efficiency
  • History of rail systems and how signalling evolved
  • Signalling principles: safe separation of trains, proving and holding the route, failsafe design
  • Signals, train detection, points, control panels, level crossing protection: equipment and principles
  • Signalling terminology and graphics symbols
  • Signal design documents: track plans, control tables, aspect sequence charts, bonding plans
  • Automatic Warning Systems, Automatic Train Protection & Automatic Train Operation, their uses and limitations
  • Quality control systems and quality management techniques, safety management techniques and AS4292, introduction to safety assurance techniques
  • Risk management and quantified risk assessment
  • The importance of communication to ensure safety
  • Why maintenance is required
  • Rules of operation for the safe working of the railway & general rules relevant to signalling / communications, including working under degraded conditions
  • Protection of engineering work sites and track safety
  • Human factors in the development of signalling systems, operators, maintainers, other railway staff.


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