CPD2 Signalling Principles - RAIL29005

To provide a fundamental understanding of Signalling from first principles, and to ensure that students can apply this knowledge in a safe, fit for purpose and cost effective manner. The student must be able to show in their work that the topographical and functional logic, that arises when multiple units of equipment of diverse types are combined, has been taken into account.

Topics covered include:

  • Principles of multiple-aspect signalling
  • Principles of signalling interlocking systems
  • Level crossing controls
  • Control tables
  • The principles of control of single line railways – all types of manual and automatic systems
  • Principles of absolute and permissive working for double lines & block controls
  • Automatic Train Protection principles
  • Train Detection principles
  • Train Control Centres – principles and equipment
  • Transmission/radio based signalling principles
  • Moving block principles
  • Measures to guard against human failure
  • Factors affecting the safety, availability, reliability and maintainability of equipment and systems.

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