CPD3 Signalling the Layout - RAIL29006

To ensure students can demonstrate that they can signal a layout for a variety of different traffic patterns and equipment systems in a professional and cost effective manner, taking into account the constraints of the layout and safety requirements. Students also need to demonstrate a professional understanding of the integration of the equipment and subsystems used to form the complete signalling system.

Topics covered include:

  • The relationship between intensity of traffic, braking characteristics, gradient and the spacing of signals.
  • The calculation of time, distance and speed curves
  • Headway requirements
  • The impact of mixed traffic on line capacity
  • Operational factors: maximisation of line capacity, reducing operating costs (cost of braking and accelerating, longer journey times may require more rollingstock but require quantum leaps to take advantage), market advantage with road transport, positioning of crossing points
  • Definition of user requirements
  • Assessing risk of signalling layouts
  • Layouts for level crossing protection
  • Principles for investigating incidents involving signalling equipment.

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