CPD5 Signalling Systems, Management and Engineering - RAIL29008

To ensure the student has a Systems Engineering perspective of the Railway Signalling, Control & Communications system and can provide for the integration of many subsystems and diverse equipment in a professional manner.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Systems Engineering concepts
  • Design and Operational considerations for failure conditions/ restoration of service
  • Human factors in the development of a signalling system
  • General phases of a signalling or communications project.
  • Whole-of-Life Cost issues
  • The different types of specification and their appropriateness
  • Contracting/Tendering technology risk
  • Quality system and documentation, key areas for system quality and safety checks
  • Introduction to safety assurance
  • Configuration control
  • Hazard, risk & qualified risk assessment, identification and analysis techniques
  • FMECA, fault tree analysis
  • Relevant Standards
  • The advantages and limitations of new technology
  • Maintenance.

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