CPD7 Railway Telecommunications - RAIL29010

To provide broad, systematic knowledge and skills for the application of telecommunications systems in a railway environment. Students will develop a professional understanding of the factors to be considered in applying telecommunications systems and equipment in a railway environment in a safe, fit for purpose and cost effective manner.

Topics covered include:

  • The role of telecommunications in the safe operation of railways
  • The hazards and associated risks of various types of telecommunications equipment under normal and fault conditions
  • Network architecture including bandwidth, bearer selection, backbone vs local
  • Transmission systems and equipment: copper, fibre and radio
  • Train control requirements and systems
  • Human factors in the development of telecommunications systems including user interfaces particularly in times of stress
  • Mobile radio systems for train control, maintenance services and shunting, on board equipment
  • Telemetry systems for signalling, power supervisory and network control
  • Diversity in bearers and equipment
  • Fundamentals of good design for safe outcomes
  • Management of electromagnetic radiation including immunisation from traction interference
  • Power supplies, and earthing
  • Cable construction, selection and installation
  • Station operations including CCTV, PIDS, emergency phones and PA systems
  • Business communications data and voice, linking regional areas to main offices
  • Logging equipment, voice recorders and master clocks
  • Telecommunications for underground railways.


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