CPD0 Signalling Professional Competency - RAIL29023

This course is offered 2010 as an alternative to CPD6 Signalling Research/Investigation Project. As a Directed Learning Elective, the specific content of the learning for this course will be developed jointly between the employer (represented by the mentor) and CQU (course coordinator) – and to be accepted by the student – and in the form of a learning contract. This learning contract shall specify the professional competencies that the student will need to demonstrate before the end of the course in order to be awarded a pass or better grade; as well as the work assignments and assessment process that could provide evidence of their achievement.

The core competencies that need to be achieved have been specified however there is flexibility for the student to select up to 25% as options. There are four streams of competency:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Test and commissioning
  • Maintenance.

Assessment will be by a combination of workplace assessment and professional practice portfolio.

To provide for additional flexibility the course may be commenced at any stage of the Railway Signalling and Telecommunications program.

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