Railway Communications

Competency Australia is offering a course on railway telecommunications in conjunction with the Railway Signalling and Telecommunications program. The course may be taken as a part of the Graduate Diploma and Certificate of Railway Signalling and Telecommunications or as a single, non-award course.

All course materials were developed by the Cooperative Research Centre for Railway Engineering and Technologies (Rail CRC) in collaboration with its industry and university partners, with significant contribution by IRSE (Australasia) members. Competency Australia has been licensed by the Rail CRC to offer programs using the course materials.


The course will be offered only in distance learning mode.  Each student is jointly supervised by an academic and an industry-based supervisor (mentor). In addition, a current practitioner of the discipline will be employed as Tutor to guide students through their learning activities.

Students will be provided with weekly study guides covering several topics each with recommended reading and workplace activities. In addition to the print-based learning material, the distance learning for this program will be supported by a course web site and the following learning support:

  • Tutor
  • Industry-based Mentor
  • Course based online discussions
  • Weekly tutorial sessions (Skype) available.

The course duration is thirteen weeks, of which nine weeks are primarily learning activities and the remainder are dedicated to project and learning portfolio completion.

The average weekly learning workload is usually around 12 hours private learning time, plus up to 4 hours of work-based learning activities. The actual time required may vary according to student’s current skill base and motivation.  Since this course covers a wide range of communications topics, some will be more familiar than others.

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