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Pre-Technical Meeting - Thursday 13 July 2017

Younger Members' Society Program




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House of Bromley


Career Progression Workshop

Presented by “House of Bromley”


Time: 4:30pm for a 5pm start

Location: Aurizon Conference Centre, Level 2, 175 Eagle Street, Brisbane


Workshop topics:

-    How to present your CV for a promotion
•    Using your PDP information
•    Performance Management data
•    Other sources of data for your CV

-    How to make a decision about which path to take: tech expert or manager
•    Strengths and skills audit
•    Identifying those in the business who have undertaken each path; talk to them about why they chose that, what they like about their chosen path and what they don’t

-    How to get the knowledge, skill and experience you need
•    Leadership roles in organisations just like this
•    Ask for project opportunities
•    Postgraduate and short course study
•    Mentor new graduates in the business
•    Leadership training programs, and attend and organise conferences
•    Join Professional Orgs and attend their PD
o    See what trends are in your industry, and what the industry needs in five years
o    Map these on your own PD plan
•    Create opportunities: negotiating with management to create opportunities for you to learn what you want to

-    How to write and update a Professional Development Plan of your own design
•    To have meaningful career conversations with your managers, you need to clearly communicate your needs, your desires and the benefits of these being fulfilled
•    What do I want to do?
•    How will I get there?
•    What are the benefits to the business?
•    What are the benefits to me?



Informal Networking Drinks (at own cost) following Workshop


Time: 6:30pm


Location: Bar Pacino, Ground Level, 175 Eagle Street, Brisbane


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