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Local Meeting Presentations

Local meetings are held regularly.  Presentations are available here for download.  You must be logged in to be able to download content.

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Downloads: 123
pdf0 IRSE_Melbourne_LM_May_2012_Ayya_Viswanath_Irish_Rail_Signalilng

Size 4.14 MB
pdf1 Watergardens to Sunbury Electrification Project by Paul Dixon February 2011

Size 1.98 MB
pdf2 Rail Skills Centre in Victoria by Jim Warwick November 2009

Size 3.64 MB
pdf3 ETCS in Sydney and an Australian Opportunity by Olivier Rousset April 27th _ 2011

Size 3.3 MB
pdf4 Analysis of UM71 CSEE track circuit failure by Steve Perks February 2010

Size 1.68 MB
pdf5 2010 - Syd Local - Symons - ERTMS

Size 2.53 MB
pdf6 Working with rail stakeholders by jeff russell august 2007

Size 12.25 MB
pdf7 IRSE_Melbourne_LM_Sep_2012_Long_Haul_Fibre_Optic_Networks_Peter_Cail_&_Brendan_Bolling

Size 2.36 MB
pdf8 2011 Vic Local Meeting 4 - August - Digital Train Radio System by Justin Bree

Size 1.38 MB
pdf9 IRSE_Melbourne_LM_Oct_2012_System Engineering_Hugh Hunter

Size 806.96 KB
pdf10 Railway Level Crossing Enforcement Camera Presentation by Terry Spicer May 2009

Size 1.22 MB
pdf11 IRSE_Melbourne_LM_Jun 2013_H. Cooke_Comparison between design inputs for centralised and distributed interlockingr

Size 1.33 MB
pdf12 2012-02_IRSE_Melbourne_LM_Construction_a_challenging_science_-_V_STANCULESCU

Size 802.69 KB
pdf13 Taylor - GSM-R - What is it and where does it come from

Size 498.47 KB
pdf14 South Morang to Epping IRSE Presentation 8 June 2011 jeff russell and _ mett walsh

Size 3.02 MB
pdf15 Rail Crossing Batteries Compared

Size 3.14 MB
pdf16 IRSE ICT Presentation brian kingma 20Jul11

Size 3.86 MB
pdf17 signalling simulation and 3D modelling by alan and andrew carey february 2008

Size 21.85 MB
pdf18 IRSE_Melbourne_LM_Mar 2013_David Sweeny_Assest Management Culture in Trade Staff

Size 762.06 KB
pdf19 IRSE_Melbourne_LM_April_2012_Ian_Thompson_Air_Traffic_Management

Size 1.03 MB