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Local Meeting Presentations

Local meetings are held regularly.  Presentations are available here for download.  You must be logged in to be able to download content.

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Downloads: 123
pdf0 2015 - Feb - Foster - Passive Temperature Management for Equipment Enclosures

Size 676.12 KB
pdf1 IRSE_Melbourne_LM_Jun 2013_H. Cooke_Comparison between design inputs for centralised and distributed interlockingr

Size 1.33 MB
pdf2 Analysis of UM71 CSEE track circuit failure by Steve Perks February 2010

Size 1.68 MB
pdf3 IRSE Presentation on Electrolysis May 2010 v2

Size 714.79 KB
pdf4 IRSE_Melbourne_LM_April_2012_Ian_Thompson_Air_Traffic_Management

Size 1.03 MB
pdf5 IRSE_Melbourne_LM_June_2012_Bryan_La_Introduction_of_the_tilting_signal_mast_to_Melbourne_Metro_Rail

Size 2.22 MB
pdf6 IRSE_Melbourne_LM_July_2012_Paul_Jerman_Effect_onTrain_Controllers_Knowledge

Size 182.19 KB
pdf7 THE MELBOURNE TRACTION NETWORK by Ian Cook august 2007

Size 7.66 MB
pdf8 IRSE Presentation Growth Area Stations Program - Ian Ransley - Rev G+ Notes

Size 5.96 MB
pdf9 RailSys Presentation on Sunshine Rail Corridor by James Gray and Mark Daly august 2008

Size 1012.56 KB
pdf10 IRSE_Melbourne_LM_Jun 2013_L Davitt_Wheel-Rail Interface

Size 4.38 MB
pdf11 Signalling Principles In Plain English by Tony Howker February 2011

Size 6.77 MB
pdf12 Rail Familiarisation Module 1 - Victorias Rail Systems February 2007 Ray Bartlett

Size 2.16 MB
pdf13 IRSE_Melbourne_LM_August_2012_Alex_Samayoa_Level_Crossings_The_SIA_Experience

Size 2.77 MB
pdf14 adapting track turnout systems for demand by Dwayne Allan february 2008

Size 7.75 MB
pdf15 Overhead Systems tram and train by bela jozsa november 2007

Size 4.79 MB
pdf16 New VLine Staff Training Building IRSE Presentation rev 2

Size 3.16 MB
pdf17 Traffic Signals and Traffic Modelling by Tanya Bacic july 2008

Size 2.03 MB
pdf18 Alliance Contracting In Australia by Owen Cooke November 2009

Size 122.05 KB
pdf19 Upgrading & Maintaining Rail Systems by jim warwick june 2007

Size 8.9 MB