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1996 - Nov - Lutovac - Universal Computer Interlocking Sy 1996 - Nov - Lutovac - Universal Computer Interlocking System

Dejan N. Lutovac MSc. Electronics, MIRSE

Senior Signal Design Engineer

Connell Wagner

Railway Signalling Division

This paper gives a summary of possible areas of improvement of Computer Interlocking Systems (CIS) and proposals to resolve many of the present problems. The solutions are presented in the form of an Universal CIS which could become a standard system, independent of track layout and the country of application. The main contribution is conversion of the operational, functional and safety requirements of an interlocking system into the general interlocking software. The approach is based on a new way of presenting a control table which can be entered as a simple data file and control table conversion into interlocking functions suitable for computer application. An advanced method of screen design showing the layout of a railway station is proposed as well.



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