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1983 - Aug - Pratten - A Railway Passenger Information Sy 1983 - Aug - Pratten - A Railway Passenger Information System

Jon RD Pratten BSc BE

Divisional Manager, GEC Digital, GEC Australia Limited

This paper covers the passenger information display system at Sydney Terminal (Central) Station.

The system was provided by the Digital division of GEC Australia Limited under a contract with the State Rail Authority of New South Wales.

The system provides television monitor displays of train arrival and departure information for the public at various locations around the station complex.

Displays are grouped according to the type of information they present and consist of:

  • 15 platform displays (one per platform) each summarising on one monitor the service information of the train currently a1located to the platform.
  • 10 concourse displays, each split into upper and lower portions on separate monitors and fully describing one of the next 10 departures.
  • 2 sumnary displays, summarising separately the next 10 departures and the next 10 arrivals, repeated on a total of 8 monitors at appropriate locations around the station.


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