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1988 - July - Walsh - The Current QR Position Regarding ATC Installa 1988 - July - Walsh - The Current QR Position Regarding ATC Installation

D. Walsh

Queensland Railways

Queensland Railways Officers have on a number of occasions in the past investigated available options which would enhance the present train control systems.

These options have been examined particularly in regard to reducing the risk associated with driver error which has been found to be the primary cause of many train accidents. Much of the scope for human error which existed in the old fashioned signal boxes has been all but eliminated by technology in modern power signal boxes and now modern technology is being extended to assist the train driver. One of these options was a system of Automatic Train Control (A.T.C.) equipment developed in Sweden and rapidly being adopted by Railway Organisations World Wide.

This system is developed to the point where designs are formulated and specifications produced. Queensland Railways' current Main Line Electrification Project includes works associated with the immunisation and resignalling of the main North Coast Line from Caboolture to Rockhampton and Cabinet has given approval to the installation of A.T.C. equipment on the main North Coast Line in association with current signalling contracts.


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