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2019 - March - Dey - Systems Engineering Assurance - A Holistic Appr 2019 - March - Dey - Systems Engineering Assurance - A Holistic Approach

Modern rail projects are complex.  They use multiple systems and need to be planned, designed, constructed, interfaced, intergrated and tested in an agreed and assured manner to commission a safe, reliable, available and maintainable system.  With the help of advanced technology, a Holistic Systems Engineering Assurance methodology can be implementaed at the beginning of a project and carried forward through the whole life cycle to ensure successfuc completion o fhte project.

This paper answers:

  • What is the holistic approach in Systems engineering assurance?
  • Why do we need it?
  • Where does it apply?
  • How do we establish it for a complex rail project? and
  • Detailed implementation strategy of the Holistic framework

This paper aims to establish a well-defined Systems Engineering Assurance framework to achieve the performance levels that are important to and expected by stakeholders.


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