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2019 - July - Roberts - Human Factors - We're all progra 2019 - July - Roberts - Human Factors - We're all programmed

The mode selection function allows switching between the operating modes of the High Capacity Metro Train (HCMT) for the Metro Tunnel Project (MTP) in Melbourne, i.e. conventional signalling and CBTC modes under normal and degraded operating modes of High Capacity Signalling (HCS). The task of specifying and designing the associated systems (cab HMI, on-board CBTC, people and process) is complex, made so by the more obvious issues of multiple stakeholders, but also by the less obvious issues of our preconceptions and experiences. Each of these needs to adapt to some extent for integration to be successful.

This paper provides a general context for the MTP and HCS scope and technical content from which a case study of the mode selection function is then presented. That illustrates how diversity of knowledge inputs and previous experience provides both positive and negative influence in reaching an outcome. Established principles of designing for driver interaction are discussed alongside the designer interactions and preconceptions as they are equally part of the human in the overall system. The seemingly simple act of appreciating the different perspectives and seeking to understand where the other party is coming from influence what the design outcome is, but also change how that is arrived at.


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