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2019 - July - Triverdi - Introduction of Selective Door Opening on the Sydney Trains Net 2019 - July - Triverdi - Introduction of Selective Door Opening on the Sydney Trains Network

Automatic Selective Door Operation system automatically determines the doors to enable at a given platform. It also triggers visual/audio announcements to inform passengers where doors remain closed and guiding passengers in adequate time to alight the train from through the train where doors are opened. This function reduces the role the train crew have to perform with respect to door operations, to correctly positioning the train and then operating the door release button. Management of abnormal or degraded situations are addressed through manual override.

Correct side door enable function is part of the Automatic Selective Door Operation System. With this function doors on the opposite side of the platform are inhibited. Correct side door enabling function can be enabled automatically by the Automatic Selective Door Operations system without intervention from train crew or through verification and then selection from train crew.

This paper discusses the implementation Automatic Selective Door Operation System and Correct Side Door Enable Function, where the position and system data are obtained using the Eurobalise and an on-train Eurobalise reader using the ERTMS/ETCS system, on the Sydney Trains Network as part of the New Intercity Fleet project.

This paper focuses on the integration of new technology into existing operations including maintenance considerations, Human Factors, interfacing and integrating with existing projects that are being deployed simultaneously along with New Intercity Fleet project and finally this paper concludes with the lessons learned.


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