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2023 - July - Stephens - The IRSE Australasia Graduate Diploma - Where to from h 2023 - July - Stephens - The IRSE Australasia Graduate Diploma - Where to from here?

Richard Stephens

BEng(Elec&CompEng), MSc(Railway Safety & Control Systems), AMIRSE
Wabtec Control Systems 

Part of achieving a safe and efficient railway is the competence and capability of those who design, construct, test and maintain the railway control systems. The Institution of Railway Signal Engineers Australasian Section (IRSEA) Graduate Diploma of Railway Signalling is intended to contribute to this.
This paper investigates the industry needs for the course and proposes a new course structure. It finds that the industry need for the course is the specialist education in railway control systems engineering as part of the initial professional development of professional engineers and engineering technologists. It proposes that the new course structure is:

  • Railway control systems engineering fundamentals education
    (Exit point for graduates who do not choose railway control systems engineering after the graduate rotation program)
  • Railway control systems engineering technologist education (Safety and systems; principles; applications)
    (Exit point for engineering technologists)
  • Railway control systems professional engineer education (Railway system; research)
    (Exit point for professional engineers)

Richard Stephens


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