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2023 - July - Aitken - Failing Safe: Mindset Mat 2023 - July - Aitken - Failing Safe: Mindset Matters

Jeanette Aitken

MEngSc, BE (Hons), Dip VET Dip TDD 
Competency Australia

“Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to error that counts”. Nikki Giovanni

This paper considers the significant value that can be gained from making mistakes in a supportive training environment, focusing on feedback and reflection. We look at how different mindsets can shape the response to error and how a fear of failure can impede learning.

The benefits of challenging training programs are discussed, where difficulties can be desirable, and mistakes are an opportunity to deepen understanding.

Although improving safety by encouraging errors may seem counter-intuitive, research and experience have demonstrated that learning improves when students are challenged. With a knowledgeable guide facilitating their education, students can be empowered in skill acquisition.

Jeanette Aitken


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