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Technical Meeting Papers

Technical Meetings are held three times per year.  Papers are available here for download.  You must be logged in to be able to download content.

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pdf0 1977 - July - Thomas - CTC Power Signalling Rockhampton Gladstone -

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pdf1 1991 - March - Kelly - The Trans Australian Railway Communications System

G. K. Kelly, B.Sc, B.E.Hons

Project Manager, Railway Communications, Applied Technology Systems, Telecom Australia

This paper describes the Trans Australian Railway


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pdf2 1997 - July - 6. Lauder - CTC Technology for Indonesia

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pdf3 1981 - July - Johnson - Queensland Railways - Signal Communications Se

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pdf4 1991 - Nov - Smith - Electronic Flagman Vehicle Approach Warning System

J. Smith

Teknis Systems Australia Pty. Ltd.

This paper describes an advance warning system to protect both personnel and equipment at railway maintenance work sites. A brief


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pdf5 2015 - October - Moore - Signalling Principles of ARTC HOT

Trevor Moore  BEng, MBA, FIRSE, FIE Aust 

Australian Rail Track Corporation

The Australian Rail Track Corporation was established in 1998 to manage the below rail assets from


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pdf6 2014 - July - Moore - Signalling Concept Plan - RIP

Trevor Moore B Eng, MBA, FIRSE, FIEAust

Australian Rail Track Corporation

The Concept Signalling Plan is often used to allow scoping and costing of a project for approval at


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pdf7 1982 - March - Sheldon - Communications Aspects of Metrol

R Sheldon SMIREE

Communication Section, VicRail

The Melbourne Metropolitan Train Control Centre (METROL) has been established to co-ordinate all signalling and communications


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pdf8 1980 - July - Johnston - Normally De-energised Reversible coded Track Ci

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pdf9 1989 - July - Moore - Communications for Signalling Systems

T. G. Moore, P. Eng.,M.I.R.S.E.

Development Engineer, Signals Standards CityRail Engineering, State Rail Authority of NSW

Ever since signalling safeworking advanced beyond the


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pdf10 1993 - Nov - Venneman - Constant Warning Systems

Pat Venneman, Manager Crossing

Systems, Harmon Industries, U.S.A.

What is Constant Warning Time Technology? Constant Warning Time Technology is an advanced method of providing


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pdf11 1978 - March - Leslie - Description of Signalling A.N.R. Tasmanian Region

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pdf12 1978 - March - Cox - Melbourne - City of Level Crossings - Human Factors

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pdf13 1967 - Feb - McCauley - Level Crossing Protection in Victoria


In this paper I intend to outline very briefly the history of Level Crossing Protection in Victoria and to describe some of the control problems and principal


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pdf14 1980 - Nov - Thomson - Application of Computers with Time Division Multipl

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pdf15 1948 - May - Stewart - Power Railway Signalling

Some Observations on English and American Practice

Mr. F. Stewart (Member) A. S. T. C., A. M.I.E. (Aust.) Assoc. Inst. T.,

Signal Engineer, McKenzie & Holland (Aust.)


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pdf16 1977 - March - Dawkins - Midland Control Centre

WH Dawkins


The recent commissioning of the above signalling project represented the final stage of Midland power signalling which began with the opening of the


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pdf17 1979 - July - Leclercq - Pulse Code Modulator Systems for Telephone Tru

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pdf18 1969 - March - no author - Power Signalling Construction Practices - WAGR

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pdf19 1980 - July - Preston Hennessy - The GEC-Reed Joint Track Circuit West

Size 1.29 MB