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Technical Meeting Papers

Technical Meetings are held three times per year.  Papers are available here for download.  You must be logged in to be able to download content.

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pdf0 1969 - March - Graham - Power Signalling Construction Practices Victorian Ra

Size 1.75 MB
pdf1 1974 - Nov - Clare - Train Describer Systems

MA Clare

Westinghouse Brake & Signal Co Ltd

It is the purpose of this paper to review the development of Train Describer systems, consider how they have become an aid to


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pdf2 1981 - July - Howker - Signal Telecommunication Training - The Austral

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pdf3 1969 - March - no author - Power Signalling Construction Practices - WAGR

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pdf4 2002 - Nov - 5 Strachan - New Trains for Melbourne

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pdf5 1951 - June - Daley - Maintenance Features of Power Signalling Installation

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pdf6 1989 - July - Moore - Communications for Signalling Systems

T. G. Moore, P. Eng.,M.I.R.S.E.

Development Engineer, Signals Standards CityRail Engineering, State Rail Authority of NSW

Ever since signalling safeworking advanced beyond the


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pdf7 1987 - July - Erdos - Adelaide Yard Resignalling - Stageworks

G.D. Erdos S.T.A. B. Tech., M.I.E., Aust., M.I.R.S.E.

Running almost in parallel with the Re-signalling Project two significant events were taking place which would strongly lnf luence


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pdf8 1948 - Aug - Wright - The Design and Manufacture of Insulated Wires and Cables

Of all the use to which rubber insulated cables are put there is none more irnportant than that of Railway Signalling.  The cables formm the nerve centres of electrical signalling on which the


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pdf9 1981 - July - Logan - Recruitment Training of Staff - NSW Notes

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pdf10 1975 - March - Harvey - Signalling Developments on the Victorian Railways

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pdf11 1980 - Dec - Alt Hoath - Electrification Signalling French Practice

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pdf12 1993 - Nov - Venneman - Constant Warning Systems

Pat Venneman, Manager Crossing

Systems, Harmon Industries, U.S.A.

What is Constant Warning Time Technology? Constant Warning Time Technology is an advanced method of providing


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pdf13 1966 - Oct - Moore - Modern Developments in Semiconductor Rectifiers


Resident Engineer (NSW) McKenzie & Holland (Australia)

The latest review published in the Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical


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pdf14 1975 - March - Burton - Signalling Developments on the Victorian Railways

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pdf15 2001 -July - 6. Moore - Cityrail Safe Stations Project

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pdf16 1994 - Nov - Deveney - The One Nation Project - Overview

Tom Deveney Dip Com. Eng, MIRSE

The $429 million One Nation Rail Infrastructure Program is part of a key Commonwealth Government initiative to invest in projects targeting micro


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pdf17 1977 - March - Dawkins - Midland Control Centre

WH Dawkins


The recent commissioning of the above signalling project represented the final stage of Midland power signalling which began with the opening of the


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pdf18 1991 - Aug - Moore - Risk Management - Introduction of New Technology

Trevor Moore, P.Eng. FIRSE

The introduction of new technology for railway signalling must be a partnership between the contractors and the SRA. It requires a rigourous approach by both


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pdf19 1983 - Aug - Pratten - A Railway Passenger Information System

Jon RD Pratten BSc BE

Divisional Manager, GEC Digital, GEC Australia Limited

This paper covers the passenger information display system at Sydney Terminal (Central)


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