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Technical Meeting Papers

Technical Meetings are held three times per year.  Papers are available here for download.  You must be logged in to be able to download content.

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pdf0 1981 - July - Logan - Recruitment Training of Staff - NSW Notes

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pdf1 1979 - July - Wilkinson - Microprocessor Development on Westrail

P. Wilkinson


Paper describes the development work by Westrail on a microprocessor base route setting CTC system with controller operation via a keyboard/display


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pdf2 1975 - March - Niehoff - Signalling Developments on the Victorian Railway

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pdf3 2003 - AusRail - Nick_Coleman

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pdf4 1992 - July - Milton - Concrete Sleepering Project South Line

Peter R. Milton

Southern District Manager Australian National

This paper reviews the concrete sleeper project being carried out on the Adeiaide to Melbourne Broad Gauge line


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pdf5 1966 - Oct - Moore - Modern Developments in Semiconductor Rectifiers


Resident Engineer (NSW) McKenzie & Holland (Australia)

The latest review published in the Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical


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pdf6 1977 - Nov - Sharpham Revell - The Port Waratah Resignalling

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pdf7 1995 - Nov - Nikandros - Trusted Suppliers

G P Nikandros FIRSE

Safety is fundamental to a railway business. Railway signalling and telecommunications are very important elements in the systems used for the safe working of trains


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pdf8 1967 - Feb - McCauley - Level Crossing Protection in Victoria


In this paper I intend to outline very briefly the history of Level Crossing Protection in Victoria and to describe some of the control problems and principal


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pdf9 1987 - July - Erdos - Adelaide Yard Resignalling - Stageworks

G.D. Erdos S.T.A. B. Tech., M.I.E., Aust., M.I.R.S.E.

Running almost in parallel with the Re-signalling Project two significant events were taking place which would strongly lnf luence


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pdf10 1979 - March - Mayne - A Voice Data Radio Communication System for Adel

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pdf11 2002 - April - 05 Arpaci - ERTMS-ETCS Benefits for the World Railways

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pdf12 1984 - March - Leclercq - South West Communications

G LeClercq


The scope of the South West project was, in order of importance, to provide communications circuits for:-

  • the signalling train control

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pdf13 1996 - Nov - Lutovac - Universal Computer Interlocking System

Dejan N. Lutovac MSc. Electronics, MIRSE

Senior Signal Design Engineer

Connell Wagner

Railway Signalling Division

This paper gives a summary of possible


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pdf14 1978 - March - Cox - Melbourne - City of Level Crossings - Human Factors

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pdf15 1983 - Aug - Pratten - A Railway Passenger Information System

Jon RD Pratten BSc BE

Divisional Manager, GEC Digital, GEC Australia Limited

This paper covers the passenger information display system at Sydney Terminal (Central)


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pdf16 1995 - Nov - Cruikshank - Gold Coast Railway Project

JOHN R CRUIKSHANK, Brisbane, Australia MlEAust CPEng TEng IRSE

Project Co-ordinator, Queensland Rail

In 1887 the Queensland State Government committed funding to constructing


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pdf17 1980 - Nov - Thomson - Application of Computers with Time Division Multipl

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pdf18 1951 - June - Daley - Maintenance Features of Power Signalling Installation

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pdf19 1983 - Nov - Ford Pollock - Computer Aided Design

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