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Technical Meeting Papers

Technical Meetings are held three times per year.  Papers are available here for download.  You must be logged in to be able to download content.

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pdf0 2019 - July - McGrath - Last Night at the Younger Members' Networking Event

A recap on the Younger Members event which was held prior to the July Technical Conference in Ballarat Victoria.

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pdf1 2019 - July - Kandelaars_Belcher_Watts - Wholistic Assessment of Long-term Asset Condition in the Brown Field Public Transport Environment

The Victorian tram and train networks operate on a Franchise Model that includes both the operation and maintenance of the networks’ assets, with the contracts managed by Public Transport


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pdf2 2019 - July - Triverdi - Introduction of Selective Door Opening on the Sydney Trains Network

Automatic Selective Door Operation system automatically determines the doors to enable at a given platform. It also triggers visual/audio announcements to inform passengers where doors remain


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pdf3 2019 - July - Andreevski_Walker - 3D Signal Sighting Design Workflow

Urban Circus has had the opportunity to work alongside Metro Trains Melbourne and the Level Crossings Removal Projects on the signal sighting for the Carrum to Kananook Level Crossing Removal


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pdf4 2019 - July - Pham - Delivering Ballarat Line Upgrade through the Eyes of Signalling

Ballarat Line Upgrade (BLU) is the first project in the $1.75 billion dollar portfolio of Region Rail Revival program that will see upgrades to every regional passenger train line in Victoria.


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pdf5 2019 - July - Roberts - Human Factors - We're all programmed

The mode selection function allows switching between the operating modes of the High Capacity Metro Train (HCMT) for the Metro Tunnel Project (MTP) in Melbourne, i.e. conventional signalling and


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pdf6 2019 - July - Victoria - Rail Project Victoria Presentation

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pdf7 2019 - July - McInerney - HMI: The Safety Risk Hiding in Plain Sight

Any change to an operational system in the railway industry is met with rigorously engineered safety controls – whether it be a signalling system or a power distribution system, a strong emphasis


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pdf8 2019 - July - Haden - How Can Signalling Projects be Setup to Succeed?

A recent IRSE article discussed ‘why do signalling projects fail’ and provided valuable insights into what defines a failed project, as well as the inherent risks that contribute to this. It was


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pdf9 2019 - March - Yagyu_Mazzino_Nardi - Innovative Solutions for Digital Railways

The evolution of digital technologies and information and communication technologies represents a great opportunity forrailway managers and operators to manage efficiently the railway


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pdf10 2019 - March - Nikandros - To Be Sure

Assurance is increasingly being mandated for Australian rail projects as the means to satisfy ever-increasing governance requirements. The size and complexity of projects like Sydney Metro,


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pdf11 2019 - March - Mocki - New Generation Integated Digital Engineering to Embrace Document Revision Identification

Engineering process embraces tools, methodologies and resources to make sure the outcome of engineering process is safe so far as is reasonably practical (SFAIRP) and that there is a clear and


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pdf12 2019 - March - Dey - Systems Engineering Assurance - A Holistic Approach

Modern rail projects are complex.  They use multiple systems and need to be planned, designed, constructed, interfaced, intergrated and tested in an agreed and assured manner to commission a


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pdf13 2019 - March - Alvarez - ETCS L2 and CBTC over LTE - Latest Developments

In October 2013, the author and his colleague presented a white paper to the IRSE Perth Technical Meeting entitled“ETCS L2 and CBTC over LTE – Convergence of the radio layer in advanced Train


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pdf14 2018 - November - Page/Stamn - Automating ETCS for Enhanced Capacity and Performance

Charles Page
Head of Business Development & Strategy, Siemens Mobility, Australia



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pdf15 2018 - November - Szacsvay/Pillai - We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto - Rolling Stock Signalling Compatibility Assessment

Paul Szacsvay

BE(Elec) MAdmin FIRSE

SNC-Lavalin Transport & Infrastructure



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pdf16 2018 - November - Senesi/Nardi/Filippini/Trivedi - Advanced Signalling Systems for High Density Applications

Fabio Senesi

M.Sc., PhD, MBA

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A



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Bill Palazzi

B.Eng (Elec) Hons 1




A number of railways across Australia are now moving to adopt new network


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Incorporated Engineer,


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pdf19 2018 - November - Burton - Optimising ETCS for Busy Suburban Railways HOT

Noel Burton

BSc. (Hons), MIRSE

Engineering Manager NZ, Siemens Mobility Pty Ltd


The European Train Control System


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