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Technical Meeting Papers

Technical Meetings are held three times per year.  Papers are available here for download.  You must be logged in to be able to download content.

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pdf0 1987 - Nov - Clarke - Aberdeen - Werris Creek CTC - The Project

J.R. Clarke


Although the obvious benefits of a C.T.C. type signalling system are well know, the documented, I feel it was with some misgivings that Executive of the


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pdf1 2008 - March - Stainlay & Glendinning - ETCS Revealed - The RailCorp Experience

Graeme Stainlay B.Sc, BE (Elec) (Hons)

David Glendinning BE (Elec) (Hons), Post.Grad. Dip. RailSig

Rail Corporation New South Wales

Rail Corporation New South Wales


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pdf2 1987 - July - Hancox - State Transport Authority - Re-Signalling Project - The Union Perspective

Ray Hancox S.T.A.

In December 1981 , the Austral i an Rai lways Union received a copy of a report produced by the John Connel l Group. The report contained recomnendations regarding an


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pdf3 2008 - Nov - Blakeley-Smith & Neilson - Earthing and Bonding: Emerging Australasian Practices

Andrew Blakeley-Smith, BSc(Hons), MIEAust, MIRSE

Director Andrew Blakeley-Smith & Associates

Allan Neilson, BE(Elect), MIPENZ, FIRSE

Manager Traction & Electrical


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pdf4 2007 - July - Webb - Optical Fibre for Freight Railways : Or How A Radio Communications Engineer Saw the Light

John Webb BE (Elec), MIEAust


Telecommunications companies have been using Optical Fibre for many years. So why did it take those of us in the Railway community in


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pdf5 2003 - March - Morrison and Simes - The Replacement of TransAdelaide's Operational CTC and PI System

Tony Simes - TransAdelaide

Alistair Morrison - ALSTOM Australia

This paper presents the following key topics for the TransAdelaide Control system replacement process:


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pdf6 2012 - Oct - Burns - RAMS – is that when you have more than one sheep?

Peter Burns MBA BAppSci CPEng MIEAust MIRSE

PYB Consulting Pty Ltd

RAMS analysis and the setting of RAMS requirements (often expressed as single indices) are becoming common


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pdf7 2013 - July - Hjort - Reducing Train Control Costs - The NSW Country Regional Network Experience

Graham Hjort BE(Hons), Grad Dip (Rail Sig)

4Tel Pty Ltd

Operation and maintenance of the Country Regional Network (CRN) was transferred to John Holland on 15 January 2012,


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pdf8 2010 - Oct - Grady - Signalling Maintenance and Operations Experiences in a Fully Automated Modern Medtro System

Norm Grady Comp IRSE, FIE (Aust)

Manager, Network Planning & Development – Metro Trains Melbourne

The purpose of this paper is to recount the author's experiences in the


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pdf9 2015 - October - Tipper - Signalling the Layout or Signalling the Train?

Paul Tipper BSc

P.R.Tipper Pty Ltd

The conventional practice of placing signals onto a track layout to meet operational requirements often fails to achieve the aim of the


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pdf10 2010 - March - Neist - Keynote Address IRSE AGM & Technical Meeting Brisbane

Len Neist Chief Executive ITSRR

Thank you for the invitation and opportunity to present a paper at your Annual General Meeting. One of the most significant safety risks that require


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pdf11 1998 - Nov - Grady - Jolimont Rationalisation Project

Norm Grady

Project Manager, JRP

The Jolimont Rationalisation Project (JRP) is a multi-element project which has permanently changed the operational characteristics of the


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pdf12 1996 - July - Thornton - Australian Submarine Corporation - Logistic Support in a Commercial Environment

Jock Thornton

Australian Submarine Corporation

In June 1987, the Royal Australian Navy let a contract to the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) to design and build six


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pdf13 2008 - Nov - Skilton & Clendon - Signalling Considerations for Electrification of the Auckland Metropolitan Rail Network

John T Skilton, CPEng, BE (Elect) Hons, MIRSE, MIPENZ, ONTRACK

James D Clendon, CPEng, BE (Elect) Hons, MIPENZ, Booz & Co.

By 2013 it is proposed that the Auckland


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pdf14 2014 - July - Hillcoat & Clancy - Increasing capacity in the Hunter Network - Streamlining train control

Brett Hillcoat G.C.Mgmt, Dip Bus Prog

Parsons Brinckerhoff

Michael Clancy B.Ed

Australian Rail Track Corporation

The Hunter Valley Rail Network is a mixed


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pdf15 2007 - July - Bilston - Design Development of Communications System for the Pilbara Iron Ore and Infrastructure Project

Simon Bilston B Eng, MIEAust

Ansaldo STS Australia Pty Ltd (Formerly Union Switch & Signal)

This paper will discuss, as a case study, the design development for the


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pdf16 2013 - July - Hunter - Keeping the Cost of Projects Low - Benefits from Using Systems Engineering

Hugh Hunter MSc MBCS MIRSE Senior Consultant

Frazer-Nash Consultancy

We often read press statements slating a range of engineering projects for wasting taxpayer money. These


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pdf17 2002 - November - Baker - Connex New Rolling Stock Procurement Experience The X'TRAPOLIS

Mr Brett Baker BE MBA MIRSE

Project Manager Connex New Rolling Stock Project

The approach adopted to the procurement of the New Rolling Stock for the Connex Network in


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pdf18 1984 - March - Dean - Picton Control Centre - Signalling Aspects



In 1950 the majority of the Westrail system was single line, operated under the rules applicable to the Train Electric Staff System or the Train Staff


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pdf19 2006 - July - Blakeley - Smith - Appreciation and Testing Communications Circuits ( For Signalling Engineers )

Andrew Blakeley-Smith BSc (Hons) MIEAust MIRSE

Andrew Blakeley-Smith & Associates

Railway signalling technology has evolved over the years from the primary discipline of the


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