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Technical Meeting Papers

Technical Meetings are held three times per year.  Papers are available here for download.  You must be logged in to be able to download content.

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pdf0 1983 - Nov - Ford Pollock - Computer Aided Design

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pdf1 1979 - July - McCauley - Signalling Aspects of the Kwinana - Koolyanobb

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pdf2 1994 - March - Abbott - Integrated Transport Control System for the Kowlo

Victor G. Abbott, B.E. (Elec), Grad. Dip. Bus (Mat),

Project Engineer, KCRC ATP Project Leeds+Northrup Australia

This paper provides a technical overview of LeedscNorthrupls


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pdf3 1967 - Feb - McCauley - Level Crossing Protection in Victoria


In this paper I intend to outline very briefly the history of Level Crossing Protection in Victoria and to describe some of the control problems and principal


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pdf4 1994 - Aug - Haley - Wollingford Lifting Bridge

David Haley MIRSE

Signals & Operational Systems Corporate Services Engineering Division Queensland Rail

In Queensland, private railways operated for cane haulage by sugar


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pdf5 1968 - Oct - Hickson Rees - Liverpool - Campbelltown Resignalling

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pdf6 2003 - AusRail - Nick_Coleman

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pdf7 1988 - July - Walsh - The Current QR Position Regarding ATC Installation

D. Walsh

Queensland Railways

Queensland Railways Officers have on a number of occasions in the past investigated available options which would enhance the present train


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pdf8 2015 - October - Moore - Signalling Principles of ARTC HOT

Trevor Moore  BEng, MBA, FIRSE, FIE Aust 

Australian Rail Track Corporation

The Australian Rail Track Corporation was established in 1998 to manage the below rail assets from


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pdf9 1967 - Nov - Hambleton - Gas Pressure Concept in Cable Maintenance

AM Hambleton BE

Austral Standard Cables Pty Limited

The need for protection of cables against the ingress of moisture has long been a problem in the communication industry.


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pdf10 1985 - Nov - Rose - Train Radio Victorian Style - Part 4

J.A. Rose

Locomotive Driver V/Line

A User's Viewpoint Locomotive Driver

I started in the Railways as a Flreman on the Loawnotlve and worked my way up to the


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pdf11 1996 - July - Aitken - Outsourcing of Communications Networks

John Aitken

Director, Aitken & Partners Consulting Engineers

Outsourcing of services is a concept that has the virtues of political correctness and fashion. It is certainly


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pdf12 1979 - March - Paramsothi - Entrance - Exit Panel Interface Possible Ap

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pdf13 1980 - July - Johnston - Normally De-energised Reversible coded Track Ci

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pdf14 1977 - July - Detering - CTC Power Signalling Rockhampton - Gladstone - Circuit Design

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pdf15 1978 - July - Wooderson - Brisbane Electrification - Rearrangement of City

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pdf16 1950 - June - Hall - Interlocked Boom Gates


One of the major problems in Railway working is to provide adequate facilities for Roadways crossing the lines and having provided these facilities, to


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pdf17 1967 - Feb - Perry - Level Crossing Protection in NSW Railways


The State Government, recognising the increasing hazards to road users at level crossings diie to the day by day increase in the number of road vehicles, improvements to


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pdf18 1986 - Nov - Carey - Melbourne Metropolitan Signal Systems Review

A.A. Carey

This paper describes the review carried out by the S & C Department to establish a criteria to rehabilitate the Metropolitan signalling system to a defined standard of


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pdf19 1950 - Feb - Riddle - Road Traffic Signalling with Special Reference to Ve

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